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Head Teacher's blog

Head Teacher's blog


  • Sports Day, Maths & the Yellow Brick Road

    What an amazing week at Light Hall, we have so much to be proud of this week. Sports Day was a huge success, so many students took part in the events. There were some outstanding performances from individuals, teams and houses. Particular congratulations to Josh L and Jilani for records in the 100m sprint and Joe H for an outstanding javelin throw.

  • Shakespeare Day

    It has been a very busy and productive week at Light Hall. Year 7s have been learning about Shakespeare.  Their mini productions at the end of each day were impressive, revealing a very good understanding of the key themes in several plays and much dramatic talent!

  • Goodbye Year 11

    Examinations and assessments have been the main focus this week. The GCSEs have finally finished. We look forward to our year 11 Leavers’ assembly next week. Year 10 have experienced taking exams in the large Sports Hall, in preparation for next year. Their behaviour has been impeccable.



  • Exams are drawing to a close...

    The examination season is drawing to a close, year 11 are officially on study leave. Their excellent behaviour throughout this testing time is commendable. We had an official inspection of our public examination systems and policies this week and the inspector declared our practices to be exemplary. Thank you to Mr Hemming, our Exams Officer and his team, for ensuring that the examinations have run without a hitch. We are looking forward to seeing our year 11s at their Leavers’ Assembly, once all the examinations are over and, of course, at the Prom!



  • Election Fever

    Election fever hit Light Hall this week, with our very own election experience for our students, based on the work everyone has been undertaking in tutor time. Organised by Mr Summerfield and run by student volunteers, polling stations were set up in key venues around the school; all students had the opportunity to practise exercising their democratic right. My thanks to Mr Summerfield and everyone who had a part to play in such a good learning experience for our students.


  • Our thoughts are with Manchester

    Our thoughts and prayers this week are with the victims and families of the Manchester bombing.  At Light Hall we observed a minute’s silence on Thursday at 11.00 am to remember the victims. Our students never fail to show compassion and thought for others even though horrific events unfold on the national and world stage.



  • Amazing Mathematicians

    Congratulations to our outstanding mathematicians, who performed so well in the National Maths challenge. A particular mention for Josh H, who will now be taking part in the Olympiad competition. Further details of the achievements can be seen later in “The Word”.



  • Exams, Interviews & Creative Writing

    The examination season is beginning in earnest. Year 11 are very busy, revising and preparing for the next six weeks. We wish then all the very best and sincerely hope that they are suitably rewarded for all their hard work.



  • Busy Start to New Term

    Welcome back to everyone, after the Easter holidays. Our students have quickly settled back down to hard work. I have had the pleasure of visiting a number of lessons this week, with visitors in school, and was very pleased with the way in which our students were working so well and productively, all of the time. Year 11 PE students, in particular, are to be congratulated on their outstanding work ethic and good performance in their GCSE moderation day on Thursday.



  • Happy Easter

    It has been a week of celebration and activity. All Heads of Year have led celebration assemblies and merit braids have been distributed. I look forward to seeing our students wearing them proudly on their blazers after Easter. You can see the roll call of our “Stars of the half term” in this bulletin. Very well done to everyone.