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Living out our core values...

Living out our core values...

Our students never cease to impress me with the way in which  they live out our core values in all they do. Our year 7 students listened attentively to the assembly about the work of LEPRA. They have come to me with all sorts of  exciting ideas for fund raising activities, demonstrating their care and respect for people who are less fortunate than themselves.

It is fantastic to see the numbers of students taking part in the extra curricular activities we offer, including sport, music, drama and even poetry writing this week! Active participation is evident  all around the school and at all times.

Mr Barr and I have had the privilege of looking at some excellent work with students as part of our evaluation exercise. I was delighted to see how proud the students are of their work and learning when they spoke to me about it.

Golden book entries this week include Josh W for his excellent RE work and Maymuna H for her excellent  work in technology. Congratulations to both of these students.

My best wishes for a relaxing and fulfilling weekend.

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