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Thank you to the prefects

As the examination season begins to take hold, it is time to say thank you to all the prefects and senior prefects in year 11. All have been very supportive in their role and the senior prefects, in particular, have shown tremendous commitment to Light Hall and the work of the school.  We had a celebratory lunch on Tuesday to review the year and to thank the senior team for their hard work. Our thanks go to Kirti, Bohden, Charlee, Jack, Dan, Olivia, Sam, Luke, Becky, Maddy, Lily, Leah, Luke, Alex, Kyaice, Tia, Joseph, Luke, Tori, Ben, Charlie, Jade and Ella. They have been an excellent team.

Now the role falls to year 10. I have received 146 applications for the posts of prefect and senior prefect and look forward to reading them and beginning the selection process with Miss Matthews.

House assemblies this week have focused on upcoming events. I am particularly looking forward to the House talent show.

My best wishes for a relaxing weekend.

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