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Enterprise, Lesson Visits & Sports...

Enterprise, Lesson Visits & Sports...

Our year 7s have been very enterprising today. They have worked in house groups to design and plan a charity event. They have had the opportunity to use a variety of skills as well as develop their team work. I am very much looking forward to judging the final sales pitches in assembly in a couple of weeks’ time.


Mr Barr and I have enjoyed  visiting year 10 lessons this week . Our students are working very hard and tackling some very complex issues and ideas, particularly in maths, English and RE. The students we spoke to were highly articulate about their learning and very positive about the support they receive. My thanks to them for their contributions to helping us evaluate our provision.


Our sportsmen and women have been very active this week.  Jasper and Jilani will be representing the West Midlands in cross country. Our basketballers have shown great resilience in their many matches and our year 11 football  team are through to the next round of the Birmingham cup. Very well done to all our teams.

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