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Hello February!

The senior team have been into many lessons again this week, concluding this round of observations.  During our learning walks we have been delighted to see the excellent work our students are producing, and are particularly proud of those who are showing resilience in their learning by not giving up, even though the tasks are challenging.

Very well done to our excellent mathematicians who entered the Maths Challenge this week, working diligently through the problems set on the paper Thursday morning.  We look forward to hearing how they got on when the results are returned.

We are extremely proud of one of our Year 10 students who saved a member of the public’s life.   This young lady, who was on her own, saw a person at the bus stop who was in distress.  She phoned for an ambulance and then sat with them until the paramedics arrived.  

Finally, I have had the pleasure of meeting Chloe H and Ellie S for excellent community service and Hannah M, Niamh M, Kiara S, Lola S and Zoe R for their outstanding English work, all of whom have  signed their names in our golden book.

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend.

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