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Exams, Prefects and Uniform!

Exams, Prefects and Uniform!

We wish our year 11s all the very best at this time in their lives. They have been working very hard and we really hope that they will see the fruits of their labour when they open that brown envelope at the end of August. We are behind them all the way and are doing our best to support them, at what can be a very stressful time. Mrs Mohomed gave us a pertinent reminder of the need for mindfulness in her assemblies this week.

At this point in the school year, we are also preparing for next academic year. All teachers are reviewing and preparing the curriculum. Year 10 have been applying for prefect roles, in readiness to take the lead in school after half term. I am very much looking forward to the senior prefect interviews towards the end of this half term. Our young people are such an inspiration to all of us.

As Mrs Thomas mentioned in her communication to you before Easter, the governing body have recently reviewed the uniform policy and are very keen to ensure that it is equal for everyone and therefore gender neutral, as well as being as cost efficient as possible for parents. Please do read the attached letter detailing the proposals and give me your feedback. The girls I have spoken to about it, and who will be leading the consultation with their peers, are very excited, however, we do need the views of those who have to purchase the uniform and hold the purse strings!

I have had the pleasure of meeting several students this week to sign the Golden Book, they include: Jesleen K, Oswah G, Luke N, Aman B for outstanding community service and Cerys L not only for her outstanding community service but also for her excellent work as one of our anti-bullying champions.

My best wishes for the weekend.



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