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Spring is in the air!

Despite the poor weather, spring is definitely in the air!  The days are getting longer, the crocuses are blooming on the front lawn at Light Hall, and Mr Hall’s assemblies this week have focused on the theme of lent and a growth mindset.

 I am pleased to see that many of our year 11 students are demonstrating that growth mindset.  In the lessons I have visited this week, the students have been looking at how they can improve their work and get even better grades; many are already preparing for their second practice exams in a few weeks’ time.

 Our year 9 and 10 artists have visited the British Museum this week and were complimented on their excellent behaviour. I am looking forward to seeing the outcomes of their research in their art work very soon.

 Well done to our year 8 football team, who are through to the very last  four in the Birmingham Schools’ competition. We look forward to hearing more about their success in the weeks to come.

I have had the pleasure of congratulating the following students this week and they have recorded their names in the Golden Book for posterity.

Laura Albutt .Sarah Cakaj and Joshua Gough for their outstanding work in English,  Matty Ham for his excellent work in technology, Aaliyah Khan, Tasha Looney, Callum Watson and Hanees Ahmed for their excellent public speaking.

Very well done to all of these students.

My  best wishes for a relaxing weekend.

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