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Sound Moral Compass, Care & Respect.

Sound Moral Compass, Care & Respect.

13th June 2014

There has been much talk in the media this week surrounding the word “values”.
 I have been delighted with the way in which our students at Light Hall continually demonstrate our core values of care and respect for everyone and our environment.
We have had several members of the community ring in with examples of kindness shown by our students to local residents – helping a lady who collapsed on the high street, rescuing an injured bird – to name but two.  These students were also modest enough not to reveal their names and I personally would like to thank them, whoever they are, on behalf of the people who rang in and the school for the thoughtfulness they have shown.

Mr. Barr picked up this theme of thoughtfulness and caring for others and our environment in his assemblies this week.  All tutor groups have submitted their ideas for improving the school environment for everyone, which the Leadership team are considering. Added to this, work continues on creating the “Lounge” area for the year 11 prefects – this will be completed for September and a number of picnic tables will arrive next week so that our students can enjoy eating their lunch outside, while the sun continues to shine!

My best wishes for an enjoyable and restful weekend.

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