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Study Skills and lots of fun!

Study Skills and lots of fun!

Our year ten students have today been enjoying sessions all about effective learning and revision.  Many of you will know that I have a weekly “tutor group of the week” meeting when I have the opportunity to meet representatives from a tutor group and hear their views about life in school and  any suggestions they have for improvements.  Several year ten students felt that they needed additional help and guidance on  how best to learn and prepare for their forthcoming internal exams and ultimately for their GCSEs next year.

In response to this feedback  Mr Brookes has organised  sessions  for our year 10 students on these topics.  They have been led by an outside speaker who is an expert in study skills, memory and revision techniques.   They have been very engaging and enjoyable, our students have gained much from them and will be able to use some of the techniques they have learnt today as they prepare for their end of year examinations.

I have had the pleasure of meeting many students this week as they have been nominated to sign the Golden Book. They include: Joe O and Hannah P for excellent work , James H for excellent participation in group work, Sara C and Carla W  for outstanding performance in their child development studies. Very well done to all of these students and my best wishes for a relaxing weekend.

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