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Goodbye to year 11 and Welcome to the new Year 7

Goodbye to year 11 and Welcome to the new Year 7

Wednesday was induction day and it was a pleasure to welcome our new year 7 to Light Hall. They all had a wonderful day and quickly settled down into our routines. We are very much looking forward to them joining us in September – they have already made a fantastic start to their time here with their enthusiasm for learning and their excellent behaviour.

Just the evening before we had said goodbye to our year 11s at their prom. It was a delightful celebration of their five years at Light Hall, they looked stunning in their finery and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves – a well deserved party after all their hard work and study.

Despite the intense heat this week our students are to be congratulated on their excellent behaviour and participation. Our teams performed well in the Borough Athletics and our musicians entertained us on Thursday evening with a wonderful summer musical medley. It is a real privilege to work with such talented young people. We are all looking forward to Sports Day next week and hope that the weather holds!

Year 10 students have been involved in mock interviews today and performed well. We are very grateful to  all our volunteers from local businesses and the world of work who have given up their time today to coach and train our young people in this vital skill.

Congratulations to the following students for their entry into the Golden Book:
Adam A for achieving his Crest Award in science, Zara M for her excellent work in technology, Sameer K for his outstanding effort in cricket and Georgia S for her outstanding work in Child Development.

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