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Success, healthy competition and lots of fun!

Success, healthy competition and lots of fun!

Sports Day, yesterday, was just one of the highlights of this week.

 The sun shone, the competitors did their very best (and that includes the teachers who took part in a variety of races!) peers cheered and encouraged all those running, throwing and jumping.  There was a tremendous atmosphere on the back field and it was uplifting to see the active participation of everyone. We are already looking forward to next year’s House Athletics Championships!

 It was the moment of truth on Wednesday when Mr Brookes announced the names of our new houses,  following the whole school vote. After  a landslide victory in the polls, the names of the Space Shuttle Missions are to be the names of Light Hall’s Houses from September.  So, we have :  Atlantis House, Challenger House, Discovery House and Endeavour House. 

Our year nine cricketers won yet another match on Wednesday and remain undefeated – very well done to them.  Congratulations  also to Daniel G for his excellent achievements in ice skating this year and to Alex B for winning both a bronze and silver award for his wonderful baking at the Finishing Touches catering competition at the NEC.

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of lunching with a wonderful group of students who have achieved 100% attendance so far this year.  The pages of the Golden Book have been filling fast.  This week congratulations go to: Sahdia I, Anisah H, Sam D, Gracie H, Barakah H, Charlie B, Charlie P, Bilal H, James W, Hasan A, Ben C, Ross B, Danny C, Tom P, Charlie D, Emma D and Shivan V for their excellence in science and engineering. My congratulations to all these students.

Best wishes for a restful and enjoyable weekend.

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