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Academic Year 19-20

Pupil Premium and Catch-Up Intervention (2019-2020):

We are well into our Autumn Term now and support for Pupil Premium students is well underway. At this early stage, we are pleased with the progress we have made over the past few years with the intervention we are offering.  We are also particularly pleased with the attitudes of the year 11 PPI (pupil premium) students who are engaging in the support offered.

Small Group Tutoring

In addition to the above, we also have small group Maths tutoring sessions going on currently in years 10 and 11 lead by a qualified tutor.  Students take part in small groups of around 3 students and work on topics they are struggling with.  This started in September and will continue until exam time. The students take part in the sessions in what would normally be their core PE time so that attendance to any other lessons is not affected.  When a student is reaching their potential and target grade, they will no longer need to attend and another student will be given the opportunity.  Again initial impressions are positive with staff and students feeling these sessions are productive and progress is being monitored closely.

Accelerated Reader

The now well established Accelerated Reader scheme is well underway this year.  All students have been Star tested and are reading books and completing the associated quizzes.  As ever, we are tracking all students’ progress and the Student Achievement Manager is intervening where necessary, providing intervention for Pupil Premium students who are struggling with reading.  The first date collection point for the Accelerated Reader scheme will arrive around January, when the next round of Star testing is carried out which will show us whether students have made gains in their reading ages, although initial signs are positive from early scores.  Once again, we also have our Beanstalk reading software which continues to  support our Pupil Premium and Catch Up students.


The Lexia (Literacy Support) form will commence during the Autumn term.  The intervention is targeting a number of our Catch-Up students in this current round and depending on their success, we see them finishing the programme in around 6 weeks.  Students are assessed before they enter the programme and again once they have finished to measure impact.


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