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Case Studies

Case Studies


Attendance – Pupil A

This male pupil is currently in Year 11.

Last year, his attendance was at a mere 64%.  A large number of lessons had been missed and as a result of his poor attendance, his end of year assessments did not show the progress that we would have liked to see.  This year, Light Hall School and in particular our Education and Welfare Officer have worked with him in a number of ways.  This includes a number of meetings, some coaching and individual sessions where targets were set with him. 

Pupil A has responded well and currently for Year 11, his attendance is at 97.2%.


Attendance – Pupil B

Another male pupil who is currently in Year 10.

In this pupil’s Year 8 (2014/15), his attendance was at 54%.  Last year, his attendance was at 79%.  The improving figure from last year was due to a number of home visits from the school’s EWO and often bringing the pupil to school.  Pupil B has continued this positive trend and currently for Year 10, his attendance is at 79% but this figure has been improving after a little dip at the start of the year.  Our EWO is continuing to complete a large number of home visits, particularly on Mondays, which Pupil B finds difficult.