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Pupil Premium


What is the Catch-Up premium?

The catch-up premium is an additional grant awarded by the Department for Education (DfE) to secondary schools to support Year 7 students who did not achieve the expected standard in reading or mathematics at the end of Key Stage Two (KS2). The money is to be used by schools to deliver additional tuition or intensive support in small groups in order that they may catch up and are more likely to succeed.

For the academic year 2017/18, schools will receive that same amount of Year 7 catch-up premium as they did last year (for Light Hall - £12,500). The funding is not ‘ring fenced’ for catch up activities but it is expected that this funding is used for additional literacy and numeracy catch up during Year 7.

At Light Hall, we use this money to offer a range of support including:

  • Accelerated Reader Programme
  • Lexia Learning
  • Toe by Toe Literacy
  • Beanstalk Reading support
  • Extra staffing to support students in maths lessons


The Head of Year also supports catch up students at their weekly homework club as appropriate.


Following the Accelerated Reader programme, all students are base line ‘STAR’ tested in September 2017 which generates a start point in terms of reading age. Students are then re-tested at two other points in the year to track progress and identify any future intervention which may be required. We also monitor the catch-up students’ progress towards their Year 7 target in English alongside the average grade achieved by the   group in comparison with the other students in the cohort.  Again, this may identify additional needs and support where appropriate.


Catch-up students are monitored by their progress towards end of Year 7 targets alongside the average grade achieved by the group compared with all other students in the cohort.  Additional needs and support may be identified and provided as appropriate. The additional support teacher in maths lessons works closely with the class teacher to target intervention in key aspects of maths when appropriate.

Impact - 2016/1

% of Students Meeting or Exceeding Targets:
Catch Up Students:    
English  Term 1 - 43% Term 3 - 75%
Maths  Term 1 - 18% Term 3 - 59%

Progress to Date – December 2017


19 students have been identified as requiring catch-up support with a KS2 scaled score below 92.


23 students have been identifies as requiring catch-up support with a KS2 scaled score of below 96.


11 students have been identified as requiring catch-up support in both areas.