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Subject Overview

Collaboration, communication, confidence, creativity….these are essential skills that young people need across the curriculum and throughout life. Drama at Light Hall School strives to focus on these skills and develop our students into fully-rounded and expressive students.

A popular subject…

Drama is a very popular subject at Light Hall School from Year 7 through to Year 11. Our students work hard in their Drama lessons to create memorable and thought-provoking performances. Students who enter Year 7 will study the subject for an hour a week; this continues through Key Stage Three until Year 9, when it remains a popular choice for GCSE options.

Through the Key stages

In Key Stage Three, students work on a variety of projects, such as migration and world theatre, and on a range of scripts including ‘The Tempest’ and ‘Bugsy Malone’ to create dynamic and imaginative pieces of theatre.

In Key Stage Four, our young dramatists will hone their performance skills through working on relevant topics such as ‘war’ and ‘heroes’, using a range of explorative strategies. Students will have the opportunity to visit the theatre and learn innovative and exciting techniques and forms through studying practitioners and various theatre companies.


Our facilities

We are proud to hold a range of performance spaces, from our proscenium arch main hall, to our purpose built black box studio, with a full lighting rig and costume cupboard to further enhance the outstanding work that the students produce.

What we stand for

Our key ethos in Drama centres on working together. Through sharing ideas and opinions, our students learn how to express themselves and be critical and reflective thinkers. In studying social issues and topics, we develop students’ social, moral and spiritual thinking skills and aim to create confident, well rounded and successfully communicative young people.

Please click here for an overview of the curriculum for Drama 

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