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Why Do I Need To Learn French?
Salut!  Knowledge of French is an important asset in the Business world as France is the sixth largest economy in the world and is, with Spain, our main holiday destination.

Who Learns French In The School?
In Key Stage 3 all L band pupils learn French and some pupils in H band study French in Years 8 and 9 as a second Foreign Language. In Key Stage 4, although French is now an optional subject, it is still seen as a subject with a lot of prestige.


Why Do I Need To Learn Spanish?
┬íHOLA! Spanish is the world's third most widely-spoken language (after English and Mandarin Chinese). Its popularity has risen steadily as more and more people choose to spend their holidays - and buy homes and businesses - in Spain and as the countries of South and Central America increase in prosperity and importance.

How Do I Progress In Spanish?
In Key Stage 3 two forms in every year group study Spanish.  In Key Stage 4, Spanish is  a very popular option and it has a very impressive track record at GCSE, with many students going on to study the subject at A level and beyond.

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