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What are the aims of the course?

  • To acquire, develop and apply knowledge, skills and understanding of physical education through various physical activities.
  • Promote an understanding of health benefits and risks associated with physical activity.
  • Develop skills necessary to analyse and improve performance.
  • Develop individual’s ability to plan, perform, evaluate and improve performance in physical activity.
  • Gain awareness of the social development gained participating in physical activity.
  • Undertake a variety of roles including player, official and coach in selected activities.

What topics will I study?
The practical aspect of the course focuses on a variety of popular sports and will be in conjunction with the units you are completing.  Units you may complete during the course – Practical Sport, The Body in Sport, Health, Safety & Injury, The Sports Industry, Preparation for Sport and Planning & leading Sports Activities.

What skills will I develop?
Individual physical skills, tactical skills, analysing skills, coaching and officiating skills, research, use of ICT to improve understanding and performance, teamwork and communication and more.

What examination will I take?
GCSE: Edxcel Physical Education GCSE

What is involved with the final examination?
Pupils will study for two exam papers.  One paper is on anatomy and physiology (36%) and the other on Health and Performance (24%).  They will also be assesed on one individual sport, one team sport and a further sport of their choice. 

What coursework will I have to complete?
GCSE: Each student will complete a short coursework assignment during Year 9 which will be completed in controlled assessment conditions, this will account for 10% of their GCSE mark.

What career opportunities could the courses help to give me?
PE, Sport and Leisure is one of the fastest growing industries. Increased leisure time and the escalating trend to be fit and healthy have influenced the vast increase in demand, and subsequent career opportunities in management, administration, coaching, teaching, medical, commerce and retailing.

With a PE qualification, students can progress to BTEC Nationals, ‘A’ level PE and then onto Higher Nationals and Foundation Degrees and finally progressing to higher education to study various types of degrees. Both could lead into jobs related to sport and leisure.