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What should I do with a concern about my child that may include school and/or other issues?

In the first instance phone the Pastoral Manager for your child's year group. No information/request is too trivial.

My child is in a particular band. What does this mean?

Most schools the size of Light Hall will split the students into bands. There is no difference between the bands except that L Band students will be timetabled separately to H Band students. The bands are not a form of setting or streaming.

Does my child get a locker?

There are many lockers in Light Hall School. Students have the opportunity to apply for a locker during Autumn Term. A payment is required. There are not enough lockers for every student so they are distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. A letter will go out to inform parents of when the lockers are available. Students can keep equipment and PE kit in their lockers. Hopefully, students will not leave the same unwashed PE kit in their locker all year!

What is the school uniform?

Our comprehensive school uniform listing can be found on the Parent information page. This includes uniform for PE.

Can you tell me about the music lessons that go on at Light Hall?

There are individual tuition lessons for most instruments at Light Hall. A letter will be given to all students interested in continuing lessons at the beginning of Autumn Term. Lessons are for 20 minutes at a time and follow a rotating timetable throughout the week so students do not miss large amounts of a specific lesson. There is a charge for lessons which is charged to families annually. However, there are free lessons for some minority instruments and students who are eligible for free school meals are also eligible for free music lessons.

Can you tell me about the school buses?

There are two buses that specifically service the school but they are not run by us. The route and running of them is organised by National Express. The phone number for the Yardley Wood Garage is; 0121 249 6499

Can my child ride their bike to school?

Absolutely. We encourage students to walk and cycle to school for health and environmental reasons. We have some sturdy bike shelters to store bikes in. Please ensure that any bicycle left on site is securely locked up as you would whenever leaving a bike in a public place.  Students should ride safely and wear the appropriate safety equipment, ie a helmet, at all times. 

Can my child bring in a mobile phone?

No. Our school rules are that students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school. This is primarily to protect your child from potential theft, particularly whilst travelling to and from school. If a student is seen with a phone in school, the phone will be confiscated and will be returned to parents when they come in to collect it.

What is the school’s policy on behaviour/bullying/sex & relationships education?

All the school’s major policies can be found on the Parent information page.

Is there a football/rugby/cricket team?

There are boys and girls teams for all major sports. Information about trying out for the school teams will be provided to students near the beginning of term.

I know my child needs to bring a pen, pencil and ruler. Is there any other equipment required?

Pen, pencil and ruler are the bare essentials. Students should aim to bring spare pens, a rubber and perhaps a calculator for Maths. They should bring those in a sensible pencil case and everything in a sensible spacious bag. Your child should bring a separate bag for PE.

Does my child need to have a particular kind of school bag?

Apart from being sturdy and large enough to carry school equipment, your child’s school bag can be of any colour or style.


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