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What career opportunities could the course help to give me?
Drama is a versatile subject which could be studied for its own sake, or to form the basis of a future interest in the Performing Arts. Alternatively you can develop transferable skills, which you can take into any profession. These include such fields as Retail, Media, Travel and Tourism, Sales, Marketing or any career that involves meeting people face to face.

What topics will I study?

Your topics will be selected from the vast range of issues within society using texts, newspaper articles, plays, music, artefacts and poems.

What skills will I develop?

Confidence  |  Evaluative  |  Team work  |  Communication  |  Improvisation  |  Decision making / problem solving  |  Dramatic terminology  |  Predicting  |  Expression / Body language  |  Manipulating the Drama form  |  Key skills developed are lighting/ set / costume / sound effects

What examination will I take?

AQA - GCSE Drama 

What is involved with the examination?

COMPONENT 1: Multiple choice questions based on performance and stage craft.  One section based on a play we have studied.  One section based on a play we have seen.

What coursework will I have to complete?

COMPONENT 2: Devising Drama.  Students work in groups to devise a piece of Drama from a selection of stimuli.  They also write a log book based on the progression and evaluation of their practical work.

COMPONENT 3: Texts in Practice. Students work in groups to rehearse and then perform 2 extracts from one play.