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What are the aims of the course?   

The course aims to build on skills and knowledge obtained during Key Stage 3. The course further develops understanding of cause and effect, change, reliability and bias and the ability to pursue an argument in a historical context – i.e. why things happen, what results from them, what people say about them and what you think about them.

What coursework will I have to complete? 

Students will undertake 1 piece of controlled assessment that is done in lessons. The focus of this will be an essay based on the changes made at Kenilworth Castle

What is involved with the examination?  

2 papers – Paper I: 2 hours long and Paper II: 1½ hours long – worth in total 75% of the final mark

What topics will I study?  

An overview study of the development of Medicine through time and an in depth study of Nazi Germany, 1919-45.

What skills will I develop?     

You will further develop your thinking skills by analysing sources as well as  your ability to understand cause and effect, to justify your decisions and opinions, to follow your own research.

What examination will I take?  

OCR SHP History

What independent study will I have to undertake?

Background reading for the coursework, watching relevant films and TV programmes, using IT e.g. the Internet to widen knowledge.

What career opportunities could the course help to give me?   

History is useful for anyone looking for a career involving communication, thinking and decision making e.g., journalism, tourism, police, social service, teaching, computing, law.

What are the special features of the course?   

The examination papers require an understanding of analysis skills to achieve the highest grades although basic literacy skills will help achieve a GCSE grade.

Key Skills for History

You need to develop your skills relating to sources and their value to a historian.

You need to be able to assess for yourself how useful a source is in relation to the topic you are studying. The words listed below must be part of your vocabulary and need to be used whenever you are asked to use evidence to support your ideas.

Biased  |  Reliable  |  Unreliable  |  Useful

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