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What are the aims of the course?
To simulate an interest in the world around us; gain knowledge and understanding of a variety of places, environments and
geographical patterns from local to world scale; develop an awareness of how people and environments interact; acquire and apply geographical skills and techniques.
What topics will I study?

Unit 1: Living with the Physical Environment

  • The Challenge of Natural Hazards
  • The Living World
  • Physical Landscapes in the UK: Rivers and Coastal Landscapes

Unit 2: The challenges of a human environment

  • Urban issues and challenges
  • Changing Economic World
  • The Challenge of Resource Management

Unit 3: Geographical Processes

  • Issue Evaluation
  • Fieldwork

What skills will I develop?
Extracting data from books, videos, the media, maps, statistics, graphs, photographs, satellite images, people, IT sources and using evidence and data to make informed decisions and become a critical, analytical thinker; using ICT in an effective and appropriate way.

What examination will I take?

The AQA Geography (8035) syllabus includes:

  • Two 1 and a half hour exams: Unit 1 – Living with the Phyiscal Environment and Unit 2 – The challenge of the human environment
  • A 1 hour and 15 minutes exam: Unit 3 – Geographical Applications. This will include 2 fieldwork trips.

What independent study will I have to undertake?

Watching various Discovery Channel, National Geographic programmes aids in developing further understanding of the themes that we cover in class.  Weekly homework will be set.   This may include research, examination practice, revision etc).   As from this year, all coursework will be written up in class time. 

It is recommended that our students purchase the AQA GCSE Geography CGP revision guide to support their revision.

What career opportunities could the course help to give me?
Geography has a unique combination of skills relevant to employment including the language of maps, practical use of ICT skills, data analysis, problem solving and decision-making. It also is very strong in the area of environmental education and understanding the differences between places, cultures and economies. Geographers use their skills and knowledge in a wide variety of careers.

What are the special features of the course?

Apart from going on fieldtrips and looking at geographical themes that surround us in everyday life, one of the special features of GCSE Geography is the results that students achieve. Over the last several years, many students have achieved A* - C grades. This is down to the hard work of the individual students and also the experienced and dedicated staff.