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Would you like to be a Parent or a Community Governor?

Deciding to become a Governor is a big commitment and you would be expected to attend at least 8 meetings per year, together with time spent supporting the school for events and functions.   These include:

  • Full Governing Body Data meetings are held 4 times per year
  • Full Governing Body Strategic & Finance meeting are held 4 times per year 
  • Two additional meetings to ratify the Accounts and the School Budget

Governor meetings start at 5.00pm 

For further details please click here  

List of Governors

Community Governors Date Appointed End of Term Members Date Appointed End of Term
Mrs Chris Thomas (Chair) 06.11.15 05.11.19 Chris Thomas 06.11.15 05.11.19
Mrs Elizabeth Baker (Vice-Chair) 25.03.14 24.03.18 Elizabeth Baker 25.03.14 24.03.18
Mrs Ann Hunter 01.12.17 31.11.21 Andrew Hobday 24.02.17 23.02.21
Mr Stefan March 01.09.14 31.08.18 Parent Governors
Mrs Jane Spicer 01.10.15 30.09.19 Mr Richard Hart 24.06.14 23.06.18
Ms Jo Tomkinson 08.10.16 07.10.20 Mr Andrew Hobday 24.02.17 23.02.21
We have vacancies for Parent & Community Governors 
Staff & Other Governors      
Mrs Annette Kimblin Head Teacher Leavers
Mrs Jacqui Allen 12.10.15 11.10.19 Mrs Michelle Lea 02.09.2013 21.03.2017
Mr Andy Johnson 19.10.15 18.10.19 Mrs Catherine Brumwell 27.01.2016 09.06.2017
Clerk to Governors      



Lisa Edwards N/A N/A      

Pecuniary Statement:
A Pecuniary Interest register is held by the Clerk to the Governors. Currently none of our Governors have any listed pecuniary interests.

Attendance Statement:
Governors attendance at all meetings are logged and recorded by the Clerk. This is available for inspection by request to the Clerk.

Date for Governors AGM:  25/04/2018 at 4.30pm

  1. External Audit Completion Report 2016
  2. Annual Report and Financial Statement 2016
  3. AGM Agenda
  4. External Audit Completion Report 2015
  5. Annual Report & Financial statement 2015
  6. Annual Report & Financial Statement 2014
  7. Annual Report & Financial Statement 2013
  8. Light Hall School - Articles of Association
  9. model funding agreement
  10. Governor Committees Sept 17
  11. Tasks of the Governing Body Sept 17
  12. Schedule of Meetings 17.18
  13. Full Governing Body Terms of Reference 2017
  14. Terms of reference for Pay Committee Sept 17
  15. Governors list Dec 17
  16. Audit Completion Report 2017
  17. Annual Report and Financial Statements