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Year 7
                         Topic           Skills
Autumn 1 Introduction to Geography and Map Skills
  • What is Geography?
  • Atlas Skills – the World and the UK
  • Map Skills; Grid references, Latitude and longitude, Distances, Relief, Use of OS maps
Autumn 2 Earth strucure and tectonics
  • Knowledge and understanding of geographical processes
  • Map interpretation to identify patterns of distribution
  • Investigation of case study events
  • Empathy
Spring 1 Settlement 
  • Knowledge of settlement types and patterns
  • Geographical understanding models
  • Use of sources to investigate changes over time
Spring 2
  • Knowledge of physical processes
  • Understanding of how features are formed
  • Evaluation of methods of protecting the coastline
  • Map skills and decision making skills
Summer 1 Africa
  • Knowledge and understanding of the physical features of the African continent
  • ICT Skills
  • Map Skills
Summer 2
Reactionary Geography
  • Investigating geographical activities taking place around the world
  • Examining the impact of the media on different countries
Year 8
                         Topic           Skills
Autumn 1 Development
  • Numeracy – analysing data
  • Literacy – showing an understanding of life in a squatter settlement
  • Evaluation of development goals
Autumn 2 Geological Geography and Global Warming 
  • Examining evidence and theories
  • Interpretation and decision making
  • Analysis of graphs
Spring 1 Extreme Environments
  • Literacy – the impact of news articles
  • Analysis of graphs
  • Evaluation of life in extreme environments
Spring 2 Weather and climate
  • Interpretation of maps and graphs
  • Knowledge and understanding of the UK climate
  • Fieldwork skills
Summer 1 Climate zones and ecosystems
  • Map interpretation
  • Knowledge and understanding of geographical factors influencing ecosystems
Summer 2 .
  • Use of data to compare Asian countries
  • Knowledge of India and China’s geographical features and human processes