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KS3 French


Students will study all aspects of the French language: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
Further details, resources and links to websites are all on FROG.

Year 7
                           Topic           Skills
Autumn 1

Personal information.
Classroom language.
Numbers & letters.
  • Pronunciation and phonics.
  • First person, second person.
  • Key question words.
Autumn 2

  • Adjectival agreement (1).
  • The verb 'to be'/'avoir'; 's'appeller'.
  • Articles and gender; adjectival agreement.
Spring 1

Describing self and others.
Activities at home.
Time and routine.
  • Third person of basic verbs.
  • -er verbs (singular forms).
  • Using the pronoun 'on'; some reflexive verbs.
Spring 2

Likes, dislikes, opinions.
School subjects.
School timetable; evening activities.
  • Simple connectives; giving reasons.
  • Numbers and times.
  • Simple sequencers and intensifiers.
Summer 1

Sports, games.
What you like to do.
  • Jouer au /Faire du/de la.
  • Jouer de.
  • Aimer etc. and infinitive.
Summer 2

Leisure centre and holiday activities.
House and home.
My bedroom.
  • Aller and infinitive.
  • Habiter; il y a..: on peut and infinitive.
  • Prepositions.
Year 8
                         Topic           Skills
Autumn 1 Free time activities.
Past activities.
TV Programmes.
  • Avoir and -er verbs (regular past parts).
  • Etre verbs (passe comp).
  • J'ai regarde and c'etait.
Autumn 2

Where you want.
Last weekend.
Invitations and excuses.
  • Je suis alle(e).
  • J'ai fait/vu/lu/bu (irreg. past parts and ir/ -re verbs).
  • Pouvoir / devoir.
Spring 1

Describing clothes.
Shopping for clothes.
Food, meals.
  • Comparatives/adjectival agreement.
  • Using quantifiers.
  • Spontaneous speech in role-play situation.
Spring 2

Preparing for a party.
Food shopping and restaurants.
  • Il faut and infinitive; du/de la/des.
  • Quantities and de.
  • Using quand/si.
Summer 1

Holidays (esp. centre de vacances).
Past, present and future holidays.
  • When to use 'en' / 'a'.
  • Asking questions; giving opinions.
  • Identifying and using three time frames.
Summer 2

Summative texts.
Tourist information.
Reserving a hotel.
  • Longer -term memory of key structures/vocab.
  • Asking questions est-ce que...?
  • Je voudrais and infinitive.