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KS3 German


Students will study all aspects of the French language: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
Further details, resources and links to websites are all on FROG.

Year 7
                         Topic           Skills
Autumn 1

Numbers, alphabet.
Personal information.
Classroom language.
  • Pronunciation and phonics.
  • First person/second person.
  • Key question words.
Autumn 2

Objects and colours.
School subjects.
Times of the school day.
  • Gender.
  • Expressing opinions.
  • Number work and word order.
Spring 1

Break time snacks.
Family members.
  • Irregular verbs.
  • Word order.
  • 3rd person verbs/possessive adjectives: mein/dein.
Spring 2

Where you live.
  • Gender and plurals.
  • Adjectives.
  • es gibt and gender/negatives.
Summer 1

Activities at home.
Describing a bedroom.
Places in the town,
  • Verbs: 1st, 2nd & 3rd person.
  • Dative prepositions.
  • Gender and plurals.
Summer 2

Giving Directions.
Buying a snack.
  • Man Kann and word order.
  • Role play.
Year 8
                         Topic           Skills
Autumn 1

Seasons and weather.
Holidays - where you went.
  • Word order.
  • Present tense verbs.
  • Past tense: ich bin gefahren / ich war.
Autumn 2

Holiday details.
Holiday activities.
Buying fruit and vegetables.
  • Time phrases and opinions.
  • Past tense with haben and sein.
  • Role play/quantities/prices/ich m√∂chte
Spring 1

Eating likes / dislikes.
Shops and pocket money.
  • Role play/prices.
  • Using gern/nicht gern/kein.
  • Dative use of in/past and present tense verbs.
Spring 2

Television programmes.
Describing a day trip.
  • Opinions with weil and pronouns es/sie.
  • Frequency phrases and word order.
  • Past tense: Time Manner place word order.
Summer 1

Reading longer texts.
Parts of the body.
  • Reading for gist and detail.
  • Gender and plural.
  • Role play at the doctor's.
Summer 2

Healthy eating.
Arranging to go out and clothes.
Daily routine.
  • Frequency phrases and word order; connectives.
  • Adjective endings.
  • Separable and reflexive verbs.