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KS3 Spanish


Students will study all aspects of the French language: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
Further details, resources and links to websites are all on FROG.

Year 7
                         Topic           Skills
Autumn 1

Personal information.
Classroom language.
Numbers and letters.
  • Pronunciation and phonics.
  • First person, second person Tener Ilamarse.
  • Key question words.
Autumn 2

Countries and nationalities.
Where you live.
  • Adjectival agreement (1).
  • The verb 'to be'.
  • Articles and gender.
Spring 1

Describing self and others.
School subjects.
  • Third person key verbs.
  • Possessive adjectives (my, your / his, her).
  • Adjectival agreement (2).
Spring 2

Likes, dislikes, opinions.
Telling the time.
School timetable.
  • Simple connectives.
  • Numbers and times.
  • Simple sequencers.
Summer 1

Meal times, basic food items.
School description.
Transport to school.
  • Comer Beber (singular forms).
  • Hay/tiene.
  • Llegar (singular forms).
Summer 2

Places in town; town description.
The verb 'ir'.
The weather.
  • A and articles.
  • 'ir' full paradigm.
  • Hacer and weather expressions.
Year 8
                         Topic           Skills
Autumn 1

Free time activities.
Daily routine.
  • Jugar Practicar Hacer Pres singular.
  • Ver Leer Escuchar singular forms.
  • Key reflexives.
Autumn 2

Weekend activities.
Weekend plans.
  • Gustar and infinitives.
  • Near future tense.
  • Third person key verbs.
Spring 1

Describing clothes.
Opinions on uniform.
Shopping for clothes.
  • Comparatives.
  • Using quantifiers/demonstrative adjectives (this, these etc.).
  • Spontaneous speech in role-play situation.
Spring 2

Packing for a trip.
Talking about a recent event.
  • Preterite (past tense).
  • Revision near future.
  • Recognition/use of three time frames.
Summer 1

Mealtimes, shopping for food.
Restaurants, tapas.
A past meal.
  • Giving opinions and reasons.
  • Querer, usted (formal 'you), higher numbers.
  • Spontaneous speech role-plays.
Summer 2

Summative tests.
Places and directions.
  • Longer-term memory of key structures, vocab.
  • Use of ESTAR.
  • Prepositions.