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KS4 German

G.C.S.E. German


Students have to do three pieces of controlled writing assessment and three speaking controlled assessment tasks. The two best scores in each skill are then selected and sent to the Examination Board.

In total, writing and speaking each account for 30% of the total GCSE marks. A Listening examination and a Reading examination (which is tiered) take place at the end of the course in May or June in Year11. Each element is worth 20% of the total marks Foundation tier Reading and Listening are graded G-C. Higher tier Reading and Listening are graded E-A*.

Year 9
                         Topic           Skills
Autumn 1

School subjects.
School rules.
  • Opinions/comparatives/superlatives.
  • Modal verb: dürfen.
  • Future tense with werden.
Autumn 2

Future plans.
Using foreign languages.
Jobs and qualities.
  • Verb werden/time phases and inversion.
  • Modal vers: müssen, wollen, Können.
  • Dative prepositions; dieser.
Spring 1

Music and reading.
  • Opinions.
  • Past and present tenses; frequency phrases.
  • Model verb: Können.
Spring 2

Explain why people visit different places.
Contrast different areas of Germany & Austria.
Describe a past holiday.
  • Um...zu clauses.
  • Wenn/weil/obwohl clauses.
  • Past tense.
Summer 1

Future holiday plans.
Priorities for young people.
Daily routine.
  • Future tense phrases/constructions.
  • Impersonal construction: ist mir wichtig/intensifiers.
  • 3rd person reflexive and separable verbs.
Summer 2

Growing up - legal ages in Germany.
Reading more complex text.
  • Future tense/modal verb dürfen.
  • Verbs; using ihr/wir.
  • Reading skills.
Year 10
Autumn 1

Free time activities.
Last weekend.
  • Adverbs; connectives.
  • Opinion phrases/subordinate clauses.
  • Past tense.
Autumn 2

Future plans.
Household chores.
Controlled assessment 1 WRITING.
  • Future expressions. Future tense with werden.
  • 3rd person verbs; adverbs and word order; modal verbs.
  • Complex sentences. Structuring paragraphs.
Spring 1

Mock exam Reading Listening 2.
TV and films.
A visit to the cinema.
  • Exam techniques, key vocab diagnostic.
  • Complex opinion phrases; relative clauses.
  • Past tense.
Spring 2

Next weekend.
A celebrity.
CA2 SPEAKING on media.

  • Future expressions; future tense.
  • Biographical details - present and past in one text.
  • Responding in detail and reacting spontaneously.
Summer 1

Holiday destinations - preferences.
Describing holiday destinations.
A recent holiday and weather.
  • Giving reasons. Making comparisons.
  • Reasons and connectives; Man Kann.
  • Past tense; wenn clauses.
Summer 2

Plans for summer.
Mock exam Reading Listening 3.
  • Future and future expressions.
  • Exam techniques, key vocab diagnostic.
  • Complex sentences. Structured paragraphs.
Year 11
Autumn 1

Healthy eating.
Lifestyle choices.
  • Seit with present tense.
  • Modal verbs/connectives/subordinate clauses.
Autumn 2

CA4 Speaking - a trip to the doctors.
Jobs and the future.
Mock exam Reading Listening 4.
  • Reacting to a range of question types.
  • Future tense expressions and with werden.
  • Exam techniques, key vocab diagnostic.
Spring 1

Work experience.
School; personal qualities; CVs.
CA% SPEAKING; CA6 WRITING, jobs in education.
  • Past tense including separable verbs.
  • Comparisons; complex opinion phrases.
  • Drafting and improving.
Spring 2


  • Understanding menus; restaurant transactions/complaints.
  • Comprehension of transport announcements/problems.
  • Expressing displeasure - problems with purchases.
Summer 1

Mock exam Reading Listening 5.
Vocabulary acquisition techniques.
  • Vocabulary of hotels/camping.
  • Analysing weaknesses for final revision & tier of entry.
  • Group work testing and memory techniques.
Summer 2 Exams.