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Pupil Premium Evaluation 2018/19

  • Progress for the Year 11 disadvantaged students (54 students) remained static from the previous year with a P8 of -0.65.
  • Disadvantaged students in maths achieved a positive P8 score.
  • The gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged students was 0.6 and in line with national averages.
  • Outcomes for High Prior Attaining disadvantaged students (22) remains a challenge at -0.98.
  • An overview of the data for Years 7-10 is encouraging.
  • The most recent data (July 2019) details the disadvantaged vs non-disadvantaged gap as being; Year 10 (58 students) 0.15, Year 9 (83 students) 0.3, Year 8 (81 students) 0.2, Year 7 (85 students) 0.1.
  • Ongoing strategies to close the gap to be prioritised in the School Improvement Plan 2019/20.
  • Our aim is to remove barriers to learning for all students.
  • The most effective strategies to be continued and embedded over the coming year will include:
    1. Teaching & Learning - Disadvantaged first – MAPS (Mark, Ask, Praise, Seat)
    2. Mentoring schemes to raise aspirations and expectations (to include support for independent study, revision for exams etc).
    3. Continue to challenge and support disadvantaged students with attendance issues.
    4. Ghost forms (core subjects) and external tutoring programme.
    5. Whole school literacy improvement plan targeting reading.
    6. Financial support for disadvantaged students to enhance and enrich their learning as and when appropriate.

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