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School Uniform

Please visit our school uniform policy on the policy pages to see full details. 


  • Early Years  Stratford Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 4AA 
  • Clive Mark : Poplar Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7AD
  • Concept Schoolwear:  Stratford Road, Birmingham, B28 9HA


  • Black Blazer with Badge
  • Black Trousers (conventional width – no tight fitting trousers)
  • Black Pleated School Skirt (supplied by either Early Years, Clive Mark or Concept school wear) with pre-embroidered tree on the hemline.  The hemline must be on the knee
  • Black Straight Skirt supplied by either Early Years, Clive Mark or Concept school wear) with pre-embroidered tree on the hemline or alternatively a black straight skirt can be purchased  from a high street store and a badge purchased from school to be sown onto the hemline (front left).   This hemline must be on the knee.  The skirt fabric must not be stretch, tube, knitted, leather or faux leather
  • Black Socks/Tights.  We recommend that tights are worn with skirts.
  • White Collared Shirt
  • School House Tie – Clip-on
  • Black formal shoes (no pumps or trainer style)
  • Plain black V neck sweater (to ensure that tie can seen).  No hoodies, sweatshirts or logos.
  • Appropriate outdoor coat (no denim, no logos, no hoodies, no sportswear, no leather)
  • Headscarves to be plain black only


  • Light Hall Polo Shirt with Light Hall Badge
  • Black Shorts with Light Hall Badge or Light Hall Skort
  • Universal Sports Top with Light Hall Badge
  • Shin Pads
  • Black Football Socks
  • TrainersGum Shield (advisable for hockey and rugby)
  • Football Boots (required for football or rugby)


  • School Base Layer – black
  • School Track Suit bottoms (from approved supplier with logo)


  • We do appreciate that shoes can be an expensive item for parents to buy and we are therefore keen to ensure the correct version is purchased.   Your child may tell you differently.  Trainer type shoes are not permitted, nor are canvas pumps, trainers or mules.  There should be no added “bling” in the form of glittery stones and studs.   Shoes should be flat or with a minimal heel, sensible plain style.  Black, clean and polished.


  • A watch for telling the time and one small plain metal stud in each pierced ear lobe are permitted.  These must be removed for safety reasons during PE lessons. 
  • No large earrings, glass studs or stretchers.
  • Only one plain stud per ear lobe is permitted for pupils with pierced ears.  No other body piercings are allowed, or piercings covered with plasters. 
  • If your child is going to have their ears pierced please ensure this takes place at the beginning of the six week holiday so that pupils are able to remove earrings if requested without still undergoing the “settling in” period.


  • Make-up is inappropriate with school uniform and should not be worn.
  • No nail varnish or false nails to be worn.
  • False eyes lashes are unacceptable due to Health & Safety concerns.
  • Conventional hairstyle/colour. No coloured hair/stripes shaved in. Hair not be shorter than a ‘No. 2’. cut. Hair accessories must be functional, small and black.

All students uniform should be clearly named.

All students should have an appropriate school bag, suitable to carry a day’s books and their pencil case.   


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