Blog 4 – Homework

Homework, lets all be real, we all hate it. It is just another hour or 2 of school! And especially knowledge mats, you revise so hard just to get that perfect 10/10. I don’t know about adults but I can’t remember a vast amount of information I learned from homework! Studies in Sweden have shown, ‘The Nordic country, which is at the forefront of education reform, has done away with homework, grades, and even teaching by subjects for many years. Yet, Finnish students always rank high in the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) tests especially in math and science!’ which proves that students do better with you guessed it, NO HOMEWORK! And not only that but I don’t think that teachers particularly love marking our homework when they get home either.

 So just put yourself in a child’s uncomfortable school shoes for a few minutes. You have just come through the door from a 30-minute walk back from school, using me as an example, and you go up to your room and have to worry about MORE WORK. One piece of homework for every subject would be at least 10 pieces. Now if you leave it ALL until Friday, good luck, you’ll not even have a weekend to enjoy and if you miss 2 then you will be in detention for a while after school as well. So just think. 5-16-year olds are doing work just for them to get a job and forget the lot when they could have been outside playing with their friends or helping mum or dad cook dinner. So now I ask, why do we need homework?


P.S If you would like to support us go to and save the next generation from homework! Looking forward to writing more on it next week ~

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Light Hall School

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