The Government’s asymptomatic testing strategy will help to break the chains of transmission of Coronavirus (COVID 19) in education settings by identifying asymptomatic positive cases.  Those who test positive will then self isolate, helping to reduce the transmission of the virus.  

Up to one in three people who have the virus, have it without symptoms, (asymptomatic) so could be spreading the disease unknowingly. 

From Monday 8th March 2021, there will be rapid testing in school using lateral flow devices (LFD)s to support the return to face to face education by helping to identify people who are infectious but do not have any symptoms.   Initially students will be voluntarily tested within school.  This will then move to a home testing model for students, administered and report to NHS Track & Trace by parents/carers.  

All information required is below.  The consent form is embedded in the letter dated 24th February.   

Detail of Information Sent:

Parental letter sent out giving details of the testing: Update 24.02.21

Light Hall Privacy Notice:  Privacy Notice -Light hall

Data – Frequently asked questions: Data protection Covid testing FAQs for parents 

Risk Assessment for COVID Mass Testing – February 21:   Covid-19 Mass Testing 05.01.21 RA

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