What is Catch Up Funding?

Following the disruption of school closures due to the global pandemic, the government has awarded a catch up grant for schools to use to support students in catching up on their learning.  The 11-16 grant is allocated at a fixed cost of £80 per child.

Schools are free to spend the Covid grant as they see fit. However, they are accountable for how they have used the additional funding to support students affected by Covid-19.

Total funding available to Light Hall School:   Ages 11-16 £95,360

Objectives of COVID Catch Up Funding:

  • To support students in learning, knowing and remembering more to enable them to access the curriculum, following school related closures by developing more independent study skills and meta cognition;
  • To ensure that students in KS4 (years 10 and 11) who will be sitting examinations in 2021 and 2022 are not negatively impacted by Covid-related school closures through either lost curriculum time (for year 11) or poor attendance on return;
  • To support the development of literacy following school related closures so that all students can access the curriculum;
  • To raise aspirations, attainment and improve the progress and life outcomes of those students who have been affected emotionally by school closures from March 2020

Summary of Proposed Actions & Associated Costs:



Elevate Education Study Skills – all year groups


Learning support assistant


(Jan – July 21)

2x LSAs (literacy support and general LSA)

Exact figure


TFTF Behaviour mentoring for 80 students in years 7 – 11

£16,188 Jan 21 –Dec 21

National Tutoring programme in English, maths, science, humanities etc

Casual tutors – Maths, English and Science

Exact figure TBC


£80 per month

Estimated annual cost: £977


Total Spend