29th June Update

Please find below our updated school Risk Assessment

264.1 Covid-19 28.06.21 v12

27th May Update

Please find below our updated school Risk Assessment

264.1 Covid-19 26.05.21

4th February Update

Please find below our updated school Risk Assessment

Covid-19 01.02.21

26th January Update

Please find below our updated school Risk Assessment 

264.1 Covid-19 26.01.21

14th January Update

Please find below our updated school Risk Assessment 

264.1 Covid-19 14.01.21 v8

14th January Update

Please find below our updated school Risk Assessment 

264.1 Covid-19 14.01.21 v8

7th January Update

Please find below our updated school Risk Assessment 

Covid-19 05.01.21

18th December Update

Please find below what to do if your child  receives positive COVID test prior to 20th December.  


Notifying School of a Positive Case Over Christmas

16th July Update

We would like to share with you our Risk Assessment, for full re-opening of school on 2nd September. 

This has been ratified by Governors on 14th July 2020

LH School Risk Assessment 15.07.20 Governor Approved

13th July Update

So, we’ve reached the last week of a very strange school year.   Please find Mrs Mohomed’s final assembly to you all.

6th July Update

Year 11 Students – please complete the survey below, by Monday 13th July,  regarding the change in arrangements for Results Day & Year Book


3rd July Update

We’ve been busy again this week!

Please follow the link to a letter from Mrs Kimblin regarding the Government’s announcement yesterday regarding schools opening in September.

Update 03.07.20 

Uniform Policy February 2020

Clive Marks Concept Schoolwear Early Years

Early Years

Concept Schoolwear

Mr Churchill and the PE team are inviting you to to virtual House Sports Championship

Mrs Mohomed’s weekly assembly on Laughter

23rd June Update

Mrs Mohomed’s assembly on Praise

22nd June Update

Please find below the links to the whole school survey for those students who are unable to access Show My Homework.    Whilst this is for the students to complete, we would encourage a family discussion around their answers. 







15th June Update

Check out the latest editions of house newsletters the Challenger Ramble by Mr Williams and Discovery by Mr Cooney 

Challenger Ramble



11th June Update

Mrs Mohomed’s Assemby on Responsibility 


8th June Update

Please find attached Mr Brookes update regarding Online learning and how we are moving forward

Online Learning Update 08.06.20

5th June Update

Mrs Mohomed’s weekly assembly is on equality.


2nd June Update

Please click below for the latest update from Mrs Kimblin

Mrs Kimblin Update 02.06.20pdf

27th May Update

We have now created a new page (COVID-19 What We’re Up to Home) to keep in touch with our Light Hall family, where we are going to put all our pictures or interesting adventures, from both staff and the students.  You can send your picture, story or charity event to office@lighthall.co.uk

26th May Update:

Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather.   Mrs Mohomed has made a video assembly for you all on mental health. Stay safe, stay well and remember we can always be contacted on office@lighthall.co.uk

22nd May Update: 

Happy half term! We hope you all manage to get outside and enjoy the lovely weather.  After the challenge set in Mrs Mohomed’s assembly last week, Corban Jones has been busy on the golf course.   Freya Rock also sent us a lovely drawing.   Please keep sending in what you are up to! 

18th May Update:

Please click here for the latest update from Mrs Kimblin

15th May Update

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and managed to enjoy some VE celebrations.   Please click here for the latest update from Mrs Kimblin, Headteacher.

11th May Update:

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and managed to enjoy some VE celebrations.   Please click here for the latest update from Mrs Kimblin, Headteacher. 

7th May Update:

We hope you have a memorable and enjoyable VE day tomorrow.  For anyone that is struggling please go to our COVID 19 Well-Being page for advice and numbers to contact.   We are always here to help, if we can.

We also wanted to share the lovely thank you card we received from Heartlands Hospital, thanking us for the visors that our technician, Jeremy Connaughton has been tirelessly working on.

4th May Update:

Please click here for the weekly update from Mrs Kimblin

1st May Update: 

Happy Friday!  The start of a new month is with us and we wanted to share some more of what our students are doing:

Fantastic DT skills

Joe S in Year 9 made this amazing clock

Ethan C in Year 7 contacted the author Paul Dodgson regarding some questions he had about his book “Big Boys Don’t Fly”.  Mr Dodgson responded by commending Ethan on “writing such an intelligent letter that was a pleasure to read”.   Well done Ethan!

Finally, to end the week we wanted to share the lovely displays the children of key workers have created in school this week – it really brightens your day to see them!

28th April Update:

Our students are amazing! Here are some of the things they have been up to:

  • Daisy M created an escape room for her family
  • Ria & Avneet B ran 2.57km
  • George H & Imogen M cycled 11km & 26 miles 
  • Ellie H & Isaac D baked the lovely confectionary shown below
  • Mia H ate 26 cookies! 

All in the name of charity. Go Team Light Hall! 

Please let us know what you are up to during these difficult times & we will share! 

27th April Update

27th April Update:

Please click here for a copy of the general letter sent to parents of students. Below are the documents contained in the links in the letter.

Please click here for a copy of the letter sent to Year 11 parents regarding an update on exams. 

24th April Update

We conducting two surveys – one for students and one for their parents/carers to try to help meet any needs they may have during this crisis.   The student survey has been emailed directly on Show My Homework.   A copy of the parental survey is here: 


20th April Update 

Welcome back to our strange new term!  Please click here for the letter sent to Parents from Mrs Kimblin, giving an update on school. 

9th April Update

For all those parents/carers whose child is eligible for free school meals, you have been enrolled in the national voucher scheme, as announced by the Government.   Please keep checking your email, including junk folders, for these weekly vouchers. 

8th April Update

Light Hall doing our bit for the NHS – making 3D printed visors – big thanks to Jeremy Connaughton, our technician. #stayhomesavelives

3rd April Update:

Year 11 2020 Gradings

Please see below information received from Ofqual:


As detailed in the letter from the Headteacher, dated 3rd April, (click here for a copy), we will not be setting work for students over the Easter holidays however below are a few boredom busting ideas! 

Check out this website for fun craft ideas and more:

Try out the Loo Roll Challenge!

Why not turn these little “blank canvases” into a piece of art work?! It can be anything: cartoons, graffiti, expressions of love, boredom, friendship, thanks…

Take a virtual tour of the National Gallery and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to appreciate some amazing works of art:

Watch a West End musical

  • The Wind in the Willows is one of the first musicals to release a video of their production while the theatres in London and across the country are closed. It’s a fun family musical and is free to watch here:


  • Watch out for more musicals doing the same over the coming weeks and months.

Immerse yourself in Shakespeare

  • This one costs money but is well worth it! You can rent Shakespeare plays from the Globe Theatre:


Don’t forget your daily PE lesson with Joe Wicks:


Watch and listen to a full concert on YouTube.

Whatever style of music you like, there is bound to be something on YouTube for you to watch.

Keep up your art skills with this fun activity:

27th March Update:

Message from the Music Service 

With the novelty of school closures wearing thin on our pupils/children we are delighted to announce from Monday 30th March the arrival of our online resources for all our music students and the wider community.

Please visit www.solihullmusicservice.com and click on the online resources tab.

Here you will finds lots of different musical activities for your whole family to get involved with.

At the top of the page you will find a link to our You Tube tuition channel where pupils can play along or learn to play different pieces with some of the SMS staff. (Please be aware this will continue to grow as time goes on)

Underneath this tab you will find resources for the different instrument groups, just click on the link and it will take you to the instrument page. There you will find some links to online music sessions or further links to specific levels for particular instruments. If you are involved in the Whole Class Ensemble Tuition programme there is also material for you to practice.

At the bottom of the opening page you will find links to classroom based lessons – which we hope is something the whole family can get involved with. This will develop further as we add more resources in partnership with our schools.

The whole website is live and we will continue to add and develop it further over the coming weeks and months to make sure our young musicians get get the most from it.

We will send out regular tweets via @musicsolihull as we add further resources. (Please make sure you are following us!)

Please can pupils and families practise at least half an hour every day, and there is also the fantastic opportunity to encourage families to learn together as we are all stuck indoors at this present time. We would like to think that every family will learn a song to sing per week as we know that will spread at little happiness. (Backing tracks for songs can be found under our vocal lesson tab).

Please keep checking back to our website and twitter feed as we will continue to update you on a regular basis. We want to keep music alive in Solihull and are working hard to achieve this.

26th March Update:

Fraud warning – free school meals
The Department for Education has been informed that some parents have received an email stating the following:
‘As schools will be closing, if you’re entitled to free school meals, please send your bank details and we’ll make sure you’re supported’
This is a scam email – it is not from the local authority. Please try to use your communications with parents to warn them. No one should respond to it and it should be deleted immediately. 

For those parents, whose children are in receipt of a free school meal, you will be receiving a postal or electronic communication from us regarding the provision, moving forward.   

25th March Update:

How to support home learning 

Follow this guidance to create a positive learning environment at home

Be realistic about what you can do 

  • You’re not expected to become teachers and your children aren’t expected to learn as they do in school. Simply providing your children with some structure at home will help them to adapt. Use the tips below to help you make this work for your household
  • Experiment in the first week, then take stock. What’s working and what isn’t? Ask your children, involve them too
  • Share the load if there are 2 parents at home. Split the day into 2-3 hour slots and take turns so you can do your own work
  • Take care of your own health and wellbeing. This will be new for your entire household, so give it time to settle. Take a look at the links at the end of this factsheet for some advice on mental health and wellbeing

Keep to a timetable wherever possible

  • Create and stick to a routine if you can. This is what children are used to. For example, eat breakfast at the same time and make sure they’re dressed before starting the ‘school’ day – avoid staying in pyjamas!
  • Involve your children in setting the timetable where possible. It’s a great opportunity for them to manage their own time better and it’ll give them ownership
  • Check in with your children and try to keep to the timetable, but be flexible. If a task/activity is going well or they want more time, let it extend where possible
  • If you have more than 1 child at home, consider combining their timetables. For example, they might exercise and do maths together – see what works for your household
  • Designate a working space if possible, and at the end of the day have a clear cut-off to signal school time is over
  • Stick the timetable up on the wall so everyone knows what they should be doing when, and tick activities off throughout the day
  • Distinguish between weekdays and weekends, to separate school life and home life

Make time for exercise and breaks throughout the day

  • Start each morning with a PE lesson at 9am with Joe Wicks, if you want to.
  • If you have a garden, use it regularly. If you don’t, try to get out once a day as permitted by the government (households can be together outdoors but 2 metres apart from others)

Other activities to keep children engaged throughout the day

  • Where you have more freedom in the timetable, make time for other activities. Add some creative time or watch a dance video from Go Noodle to get the heart-rate going
  • Get your children to write postcards to their grandparents or to pen pals
  • Give them chores to do so they feel more responsible about the daily routine at home
  • Ask them to help you cook and bake 
  • Accept that they’ll probably watch more TV/spend time on their phone – that’s ok but you might want to set/agree some screen time limits

Dont forget to check our COVID-19 well being page for updates on how to stay safe and well, during these difficult times

23rd March Update:

Please click here for an update from the Headteacher.  

20th March Update: 

The Government has now provided the list of key workers (see below for this and the key principles we should all be following) .  Please ensure that if you have not done so or you now on the key worker list, you complete our survey by 12 noon today


Please, therefore, follow these key principles:

  1. If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be.
  2. If a child needs specialist support, is vulnerable or has a parent who is a critical worker, then educational provision will be available for them.
  3. Parents should not rely for childcare upon those who are advised to be in the stringent social distancing category such as grandparents, friends, or family members with underlying conditions.
  4. Parents should also do everything they can to ensure children are not mixing socially in a way which can continue to spread the virus. They should observe the same social distancing principles as adults.
  5. Residential special schools, boarding schools and special settings continue to care for children wherever possible.

If your work is critical to the COVID-19 response, or you work in one of the critical sectors listed below, and you cannot keep your child safe at home then your children will be prioritised for education provision:

Health and social care

This includes but is not limited to doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, social workers, care workers, and other frontline health and social care staff including volunteers; the support and specialist staff required to maintain the UK’s health and social care sector; those working as part of the health and social care supply chain, including producers and distributers of medicines and medical and personal protective equipment.

Education and childcare

This includes nursery and teaching staff, social workers and those specialist education professionals who must remain active during the COVID-19 response to deliver this approach.

Key public services

This includes those essential to the running of the justice system, religious staff, charities and workers delivering key frontline services, those responsible for the management of the deceased, and journalists and broadcasters who are providing public service broadcasting.

Local and national government

This only includes those administrative occupations essential to the effective delivery of the COVID-19 response or delivering essential public services such as the payment of benefits, including in government agencies and arms length bodies.

Food and other necessary goods

This includes those involved in food production, processing, distribution, sale and delivery as well as those essential to the provision of other key goods (for example hygienic and veterinary medicines).

Public safety and national security

This includes police and support staff, Ministry of Defence civilians, contractor and armed forces personnel (those critical to the delivery of key defence and national security outputs and essential to the response to the COVID-19 pandemic), fire and rescue service employees (including support staff), National Crime Agency staff, those maintaining border security, prison and probation staff and other national security roles, including those overseas.


This includes those who will keep the air, water, road and rail passenger and freight transport modes operating during the COVID-19 response, including those working on transport systems through which supply chains pass.

Utilities, communication and financial services

This includes staff needed for essential financial services provision (including but not limited to workers in banks, building societies and financial market infrastructure), the oil, gas, electricity and water sectors (including sewerage), information technology and data infrastructure sector and primary industry supplies to continue during the COVID-19 response, as well as key staff working in the civil nuclear, chemicals, telecommunications (including but not limited to network operations, field engineering, call centre staff, IT and data infrastructure, 999 and 111 critical services), postal services and delivery, payments providers and waste disposal sectors.

If workers think they fall within the critical categories above they should confirm with their employer that, based on their business continuity arrangements, their specific role is necessary for the continuation of this essential public service


19th March Update

Some useful links: 

18th March Update

Further to the Prime Ministers announcment at 5.15pm regarding school closures from Friday further information will be issued tomorrow morning.

For any families requiring information around financial support and assistance to the following website link https://www.solihull.gov.uk/benefits

This website covers financial support and assistance with housing benefit, council tax support, information regarding welfare reforms including how to make a claim for universal credit.  The website also has ‘support to success’ information

If students are self-isolating and working at home, please use Show My Homework to message teachers with any queries.

Here are some useful links:







Life & Morality



GCSE Drama Revision:

 BBC Drama AQA Revision:

 Section A – Knowledge & Understanding Revision:

 Section C – Live Evaluation Revision:

 Whole Production of Blood Brothers by TheatreInk:

 Blood Brothers Context Quiz:


Themes in Blood Brothers:

 Characters in Blood Brothers:


For year 9 – 11 GCSE PE students these links

Yr 9 Sports Science – Past Papers and next assignments


17th March Update

Please click here for the letter sent to parent/carers 

Here is the link to the Government advice:   https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response

New guidance for households with symptoms (17.03.20)

Yesterday, the Government introduced new guidance on whole household isolation in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak:

  • if you live alone and you have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), however mild, stay at home for 7 days from when your symptoms started
  • if you live with others and you or another member of the household have symptoms of coronavirus, then all household members must stay at home and not leave the house for 14 days. The 14-day period starts from the day when the first person in the house became ill. It is likely that people living within a household will infect each other or be infected already. Staying at home for 14 days will greatly reduce the overall amount of infection the household could pass on to others in the community
  • for anyone in the household who starts displaying symptoms, they need to stay at home for 7 days from when the symptoms appeared, regardless of what day they are on in the original 14-day isolation period.

The symptoms are:

  • A high temperature (37.8 degrees and above)
  • A new, continuous cough

The full stay at home guidance for households with these symptoms can be found here: