Blog Competition

Our latest house challenge was for the students to create their own blogs.   Please read the entries below and the vote for your favourite using the form at the bottom of the page.   

They were asked to write about anything that was of interest to them, and have been published in their own words.  

Our winning entrant will receive a prize and their house will gain valuable points towards the house championship.

Blog 3 – Extinction

Bear-ly still there… Extinction. It is real. Global warming is driving many species of animals including Polar Bears towards extinction. As well as their environment

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Blog 8 – Recycling

If you care about saving innocent animals and keeping our environment safe this is the BLOG for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyday the animals everywhere are becoming in

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Blog 9 – School!

Whether you are a parent or a student-like me-I guarantee that you will find this information helpful. Due to Coronavirus Light Hall has had to

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