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School Day

Timetable – Monday to Friday
School Commences8.40 am
Registration and Assembly8.40 am9.05 am
Period 19.05 am10.05 am
Period 210.05 am11.05 am
Break11.05 am11.25 am
Period 311.25 am12.25 pm
Period 412.25 pm1.25 pm
Lunch1.25 pm2.00 pm
Period 52.00 pm3.00 pm
School Ends3.00 pm

Arrangements for Students' Comfort

All year groups have their own zone, food outlet, indoor and outdoor space and designated toilet block. 

Students may order food for 1st break and collect it from the relevant outlet.   A breakfast service is available between 8.25am and 8.40am.   Lunch is available in accordance with our three week rotating menu – the link is here.

Students are expected to attend all lessons punctually and be prepared for learning.  They should bring a school bag with the expected equipment from our Uniform policy and ensure that they have their PE kit on the days they have PE.  

Students should ensure that they use the toilets before school, during break and lunchtime, and after school before going home.   All toilet blocks are supervised during break and lunchtime to ensure the dignity and safety of all.  

Multiple occupancy toilet blocks are not available during lesson times, they are closed for cleaning and maintenance.  Should students need the toilet during a lesson time there are single occupancy toilets available for use.   They must ask for a teacher’s permission to leave the lesson. 

Any students with a medical condition are supported with a toilet pass. 

If girls should need sanitary products they are readily available, and free, in the toilets. 

Report A Concern

Please detail briefly the concern you have and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

All information provided will be treated confidentially.