The consultation is open from 6th December through to 17th January 2022.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

In the first instance, we are planning to offer 18 different A level/ applied level 3 subjects. These include the traditional academic subjects such as English, maths etc which are taught at GCSE, but also include subjects such as psychology and sociology, which we currently do not offer in our key Stage 4 curriculum

Level 3 qualifications include A levels, Applied A levels, level 3 diplomas, T levels, level 3 ESOL etc. In the first instance, we are planning to offer a variety of A levels and Applied Level 3 courses. The list includes more “practical” subjects such as Art, DT etc. There is often a difference in the way in which A levels and Applied A level 3 courses are assessed – the latter often including a more practical, assignment element.

We plan to offer A level and Applied level 3 courses. We do not plan to offer T levels. At this stage, we do not plan to offer GCSE resits

There is no test for entry into the sixth form. Access to A level courses will be based on securing the required standard at GCSE eg a minimum of a grade 6 in the subject to be studied.

Existing Light Hall students will be given priority for a place on an A level/ applied level 3 course, provided they meet the minimum  entrance requirements for that course, in terms of GCSE grades and attitude to learning. They must also apply within the published timescales.

Our proposal aims to meet the needs of our local community and to provide our students with as many options post 16 as possible. Many students and parents have expressed a desire to remain at Light Hall for their post 16 education and we want to be able to meet the needs of those families who wish to do this. We fully appreciate the strong provision locally and will continue to provide impartial careers advice and guidance to all out students so that they can make informed decisions about their future

If our application to extend our provision to post 16 is successful, your child will be able to apply to join year 12 in September 2023, provided they meet the entry requirements.   We very much look forward to being able to offer places to our students who wish to remain with us.


Considerable financial analysis and forecasting has been carried out, based on what we currently know about funding.  A number of scenarios have been modelled and a risk/cost analysis undertaken.

We do not underestimate the amount of staff development and training which will be required. We are fortunate that a number of staff have joined us recently, who have considerable successful experience of delivering level 3 courses. Time for training and development is already being planned into next academic year’s staffing budget and time allocations.