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This curriculum puts ‘coding’ at the core of IT education.  Students will develop ‘coding’ skills and knowledge and will use these to command computers to perform complex tasks. The students will be encouraged to be independent learners and thinkers whilst relying on their imaginations to create virtual worlds.  We want to put this power into the hands and hearts of every child in Light Hall.

Computing and IT are core components of the Key Stage 3 Curriculum.  Students will have 1 hour a week lesson time, where they will gain knowledge about a computer’s interior mechanisms and networks.  Proficiency in the application of practical skills will be demonstrated in the use of graphical design and Microsoft Office.  Students will also have chance to learn about Binary and Hexadecimal numbers.

At Key Stage 4 students have the choice of choosing one of two different pathways.  The first pathway is GCSE Computing; this course involves the students sitting two exams at the end of Year 11.  During the two years students will learn more about the way computers work and the different factors that affect their performance.  Students will also investigate legal and ethical issues surrounding the use of technology.  Students will continue to develop their programming skills as we continue to develop HTML and Python programs.  The second pathway option is Creative iMedia; this is proving to be a very popular subject with the students.  This course allows students to investigate the media in the real world.  They will look at how products such as game covers, websites and game characters are developed.  Students will sit one exam at the end of Year 11 and they will complete two pieces of coursework over the two years.

We have a state of the art IT suite comprising of 4 large well-equipped classrooms, as well as access to laptops.  Students have access to printers, scanners and digital cameras, as well as other IT equipment. Every IT suite contains interactive whiteboards and projectors.

Computer rooms are open every 2nd break (1.25pm – 2.00pm) where students can gain support with their course work and homework.  All IT suites remain open at the end of school for more additional support and independent study, staffed by at least one member of the IT Department.

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