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Only one week to go....

Year 8 and 9 have been fully engaged in their PHSE work this week.  I was delighted to see the enthusiasm being shown by our year 7s in their biology lessons.   This love of learning was evident throughout the school as I walked round this week.  It is particularly inspirational at this time of year when everyone is tired and fighting off winter ills.  I have also admired the year 7 creations in DT. (I do hope I’m not spoiling any Christmas surprises!)

Mr Brookes has led very informative house assemblies this week all about learning at Light Hall.  The theme of these assemblies was prompted by last term’s student council meetings. It was clear from the feedback given that not all of our students really understood why lessons are structured as they are and how various elements and activities support the acquisition of knowledge, the development of long term memory and independence in learning.  

If you get the chance, ask your son/daughter why we have learning objectives, success criteria and knowledge starters and see what they say about how this helps them to learn, remember and apply the core knowledge.  We are looking at ways to further support you, the parents/carers, in how you may help your son/daughter in their learning.  More information will follow in the new year, however, as always, if you have any ideas or suggestions as to what you would find most useful, please do get in touch.

You will be receiving a consultation letter regarding a change to the style of skirts and I would welcome any views you have on this.   Please email any comments to my PA, Mrs Edwards at

I am really looking forward to judging the talent show next week.  

Finally, as a reward for all the hard work that has been put in this term and the excellent behaviour shown by the students it is a non-uniform day on Thursday 19th December.  Also, a quick reminder that school closes at 12.25pm on Thursday to students and buses have been re-arranged.

Best wishes for a relaxing weekend.



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