Subject/Curriculum Contacts

Ms M Munn

Subject Lead Art

Miss H Begum

Subject Lead Religious Education

Mr J Churchill

Subject Lead Physical Education

Mr M Duffy

Subject Lead ICT

Mr G Gara

Subject Lead Design and Technology

Miss E Garcia

Subject Leader Spanish

Miss S Harrison

Subject Lead Geography

Mrs J Hughes

Child Development Teacher

Mrs U Hughes

Head of Modern Foreign Languages/Subject Lead German

Ms A Lawrence

Subject Lead Business, LP Business & Technical Awards

Ms L King

Subject Lead Food Technology

Mr S Butler

Subject Lead Science

Mr S Card

Subject Lead Mathematics

Ms S Povey

Subject Lead English

Mr I Hackett

Subject Lead Music & Teacher of Drama

Ms E Yu

Miss A Kay

Subject Lead History

Ms E Wyatt

Drama Teacher

Head Of House & Pastoral

Mr J Petty

Education Welfare, Safeguarding & Family Liasion Officer

Miss L Matthews

Assistant Headteacher/Head of Year 7

Ms R Morgan

Pastoral Manager - Year 7

Mr A Cooney

PDL Discovery & Head of Year 8

Mrs S Cull

Pastoral Manager - Year 8

Mr J Williams

PDL Challenger & Head of Year 9

Mrs N Donaghy

Pastoral Manager - Year 9

Ms L O’Brien

PDL Atlantis & Head of Year 10

Ms J Heal

Pastoral Manager - Year 10

Ms J Johnson

PDL Endeavour & Head of Year 11

Mr U Masood

Pastoral Manager - Year 11

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs A Kimblin

Mr R Hall

Deputy Headteacher

Mr R McCrainor

Deputy Headteacher

Mr S Brookes

Senior Assistant Headteacher

Ms C Hunter

Senior Assistant Headteacher

Mrs C Evans

Assistant Headteacher/Head of Humanities

Mr N Hayfield

Assistant Headteacher

Miss L Matthews

Assistant Headteacher/Head of Year 7

Admin & Facilities

Mrs P Ruddy

Admissions & Attendance

Mr M Firmstone

Operations Director

Mrs C Pelosi

Mrs L Edwards

PA to Headteacher