Light Hall School is proud of the pastoral support provided to students, parents and caregivers.

Student Services

Students are able to access support for general day to day issues such as signing in and out of school, First Aid, uniform and providing reasons for absence.

The Refocus Centre

The Refocus Centre is managed by Mr O’Grady. The centre is designed as a temporary measure to support students who are unable to access mainstream education for a number of reasons. As such, the length of time a student spends in the centre is based upon their individual needs. Senior Members and Pastoral staff make referrals, who work collaboratively with students, teachers, parents and caregivers.


Mrs P Ruddy

Admissions & Attendance

Ms R Morgan

Pastoral Manager - Year 7

Mr S O’Grady

Refocus Centre Manager

Mrs S Cull

Pastoral Manager - Year 8

Mr J Blunt

Pastoral Manager - Year 9

Mrs K Regan


Ms S Ryalls

Ms J Heal

Pastoral Manager - Year 10

Ms F Evans

Pastoral Manager - Year 11

Pastoral Managers:

There are 5 Pastoral Managers;


They are non-teaching members of staff who work in conjunction with Progress & Development Leaders to ensure that each student is fully supported in an academic and pastoral capacity. The managers promote an active image and are the first point of contact for our students, parents and caregivers. This role allows the identification of any issues or areas of concern. This allows specific and targeted work for each individual.


The school has a counsellor for student issues once a week. The counsellor talks with our students which has created a unique opportunity for students to engage with non-school staff in a safe and controlled environment. The aim of the counsellor is empower young people to value themselves and others, thus leading to them making confident and appropriate lifestyle choices for the future; an ethos that is at the heart of Light Hall School. Referrals can be made through the Pastoral Managers.

Education Welfare

This is delivered by Mrs James  She is the School Attendance and family Liaison Officer. She works with families to ensure that students attend school for the maximum amount of time available, in order to make the required progress and achieve academically. She is available to  support students and families.

External Agencies

The Pastoral team also work in close proximity with external agencies such as:​

  • Str8up,
  • This way up,
  • Sweet Project
  • Solihull Bereavement Counselling Service,
  • Solihull Young Carers,
  • Growing Through
  • Youth Inclusion Support Programme (YISP),
  • The Local Authority: School Nurse,
  • Emotional, Social Behavioural Difficulties (ESBD team)
  • Educational Psychologist
  • The Police

Peer Mentoring

The school operates a Peer Mentoring Programme, led by selected year 10 students attached to year 7 form groups. This not only empowers students but also provides younger students with alternative support.