A Guide to Choosing Options

We are delighted to share with you the Options Process for 2022.

Our Options booklet is for information and guidance.    

We have also included a video of the Options presentation, and the slides shown on the evening.

The slides are here: ParentsOptionsEvening2022

Options Handbook

Options Evening Presentation

Questions & Queries

If, once you have read the booklet, attended or watched the recording of the information session, and viewed the presentation slides, you are still are unsure or have a specific question, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Hall:  rhall@lighthall.co.uk 

Local Colleges

Careers Advice

For help and guidance on the future, we have included links below to a few of the local colleges:

After half term, students in Year 8 will be be given a login to access this site.  If there are any concerns or queries please contact Mrs Mohomed, Assistant Headteacher.

Please click on the link for further careers advice.