A Guide to Choosing Options

Our Options evening is open to all year 9 students and parents to have the opportunity to look at the curriculum, and talk to the teachers of those subjects your child wishes to study in KS4.

Please note the following subjects have entry requirements:

Computing – students must be in Set 1 or 2 for Maths

Separate Sciences – students must check with their science teacher that they are suitable for this course and must be in set 1 or 2 for Maths

Example of Local Sixth Form Entry Requirements

Please click on the link to see an example of Sixth Form Entry Requirement

Sixth Form Subject Entry Requirements 2022-24 (002)

More Information & Support

For help and guidance on the future, we have included links below to a few of the local colleges:

After half term, students in Year 8 will be be given a login to access this site.  If there are any concerns or queries please contact Mrs Hunter, Assistant Headteacher.

Please click on the link for further careers advice.  

Local Colleges

Careers Advice

Report A Concern

Please detail briefly the concern you have and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

All information provided will be treated confidentially.