Would you like to be a Parent or a Community Governor?

Deciding to become a Governor is a big commitment. 

We hold 4 full Governors meetings per year.   You would be asked to consider joining additional committees, which are held once per term, or hold a link role in school such as Pupil Premium, Training, Careers, SEND.   Governors also support the school at events and functions.   

The committees include:

  • Curriculum meetings 
  • Finance, Estates & Risk 
  • Pay Committee 

Meetings are hybrid – you can attend in person at school or via TEAMS.   Most meetings commence at 5.00pm.


Pecuniary Interest & Employees Benefits Over £100K

Our pecuniary interest register can be found here: 

Pecuniary Declarations-LightHall June 21

Light Hall do not have any employees receiving benefits over £100,000 per annum.

Our school’s financial benchmarking can be found here.

Current Governors

Light Hall School
NameGovernor TypeTerm FromTerm ToRoles
Mrs Elizabeth BakerCommunity governor
2018-03-25 2022-03-24 Chair
Mrs Helen PerryCommunity governor
2019-05-21 2023-05-20 Vice Chair
Mr Andrew Doidge Community governor
2019-10-17 2023-10-16 Vice Chair
Mrs Janet RobertsCommunity governor
2018-07-10 2022-07-09
Mrs Jane SpicerCommunity governor
2019-10-01 2023-09-30
Mrs Ann HunterCommunity Governor

2018-12-01 2021-11-30
Mr Richard HartCommunity governor
2018-06-23 2022-06-22
Mrs Oona StoneCommunity governor
2021-03-30 2025-03-29
Mr David CuthbertCommunity governor 2021-11-112025-11-10
Miss Amy Knott Community governor2021-11-112025-11-10
Mrs Vicky Henry Parent governor 2021-11-112025-11-10
Mr Richard Mann Staff (Support) governor2021-11-112025-11-10
Miss Susie Harrison Staff (Teaching) governor
Mrs Annette KimblinHeadteacher

Ms Lisa EdwardsClerk

Governors – Leavers

MembersDate AppointedEnd of TermType
Chris Thomas 05.11.19Resigned 21.07.20Leavers
Andrew Hobday 24.02.17Resigned 21.07.20 Leavers
Andy Johnson18.10.19Resigned 21.07.20 Leavers
Jacqui Allen 18.10.19Resigned 16.10.20Leavers
Jeff HartResigned 21.07.21Leavers
Lee FearResigned 09.09.21Leavers
John Miller Resigned 21.07.21Leavers