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Welcome to Endeavour House.

Our aim is to build resilience, be reflective and develop into well-rounded individuals, and to support all members of Endeavour House to become the best they can be.
The students in the house have chosen Perseverance as their house value, which speaks volumes about them.
We encourage all students in Endeavour to embrace the school motto “the best from everyone all of the time” in anything they do, from academic excellence in lessons, to treating others with how they would want to be treated, to active participation such as extra-curricular activities and regular house competitions. As Head of Endeavour, I will strive to provide as many opportunities as possible for all members of Endeavour to get involved in something they have an interest in.
I am proud and excited to be head of Endeavour house and I am looking forward to celebrating many successes this year with them! As a PE teacher and head of House I am looking forward to motivating Endeavour house members to strive to be the best they can be and celebrating their successes and building a strong House identity.
We got this Endeavour.

Mrs Covell

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