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Exam Notices

Key terms used in Examination questions

Account for: Explain the process or reason for something being the way it is –  Explore the main ideas

Calculate: Find out by using mathematics 

Complete: Finish off 

Contrast: Show the differences (‘compare and contrast’ questions are very common in exams – they want you to say how something is similar and how it may be different too). 

Describe: Give a detailed account 

Discuss: Explore the subject by looking at its advantages and disadvantages (i.e. pros and cons, for and against).  Attempt to come to some sort of judgement 

Enumerate: Make a list of the point under discussion 

Examine: Look at something closely 

Explore: Look at something closely or investigate 

Evaluate: Give an opinion by exploring the good and bad points (pros and cons).   It’s a bit like asking you to assess something.  Attempt to support your argument with expert opinion. 

Identify: Recognise, prove something as being certain. 

Indicate: Point out, make something known 

Justify: Give good reasons for offering an opinion or reaching a conclusion 

Outline: Concentrate on the main bits of the topic or item. 

Summarise: Give the main points of an idea or argument.  Leave out unnecessary details which could cloud the issue.

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