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The study of Science probably brings to mind different images: white lab coats and microscopes, cells & genetic engineering, Stephen Hawkins ideas about the universe, Einstein’s equations scribbled on a chalkboard, space shuttles, explosions, Marie Curie’s work with radioactivity and various other hugely important developments that have impacted the fields of medicine, engineering and technology.  It is therefore undeniable that Science permeates through every aspect of our lives.

In Science we help students to explore many of these aspects to help them build their own view of the world and consider how their lives are affected by issues in Science. We seek to make the subject more than just a collection of facts, but something that is part of a bigger picture, where facts link together into a greater understanding of the natural world. We truly believe that the linking of what we teach to the big ideas in Science is a vital part of securing knowledge and developing understanding in a relatable context.

Science is a way to discover what the universe contains, how things work at the macro and the micro level, how they worked in the past and how they are likely to work in the future. Science is a fluid and ever-changing subject, with new discoveries made all the time.

The Science department hopes to enthuse our students, motivating them by the excitement and joy of finding things out. We teach our learners to critically question the world and our ultimate aim is to develop empirically competent and academically successful minds.

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