Physical Education

Subject Overview

Physical Education at Light Hall is a popular and dynamic subject. Our students are fortunate to have a very successful, hardworking and well-established team who are committed to raising the engagement & attainment of all students.

Throughout Key Stage three curriculum students will experience a range of topics and different activities within these topics;

  • Team Games (invasion) – E.g. Basketball, Association Football, Netball, Hockey
  • Team Game (striking & fielding) E.g. Cricket, Softball, Rounders
  • Individual Games (Net/Wall) – E.g. Badminton, Table Tennis
  • Creative & Aesthetic Activities – E.g. Gymnastics, Dance
  • Athletics – E.g. Running, Jumping & Throwing Events
  • Health & Fitness – E.g. How to prepare for, perform and measure fitness
  • Competitive Inter House Sports – E.g. inter-house competitions during curriculum time.
  • Outdoor & Adventurous Activities – E.g. problem solving skills, orienteering
  • Leadership & Roles – E.g. Learning leadership skills and performing different roles such as coaching, officiating, organising

Throughout key stage three (years 7 & 8) students will develop;

  • Physical ability, skills, techniques
  • Understanding & reasoning
  • Personal & social skills

In Key Stage 4 (years 9 & 10) students will follow a set curriculum revisiting a number of the topics from Key Stage three with a focus on developing;

  • Core & Advanced Skills
  • Rules / Decision Making / Tactical Awareness
  • Personal & social skills

In the final year of Key Stage four students are given a choice to follow an optional pathway within core PE, this may have more of an emphasis towards one of the topics e.g. creative aesthetic.

We offer an extensive extra-curricular programme which changes every half term, this can be found in the attachments.

At present in light of the response to COVID the PE department will be operating a temporary curriculum for the first half term of this academic year.  Students will require outdoor PE kit (which they will arrive in school on the days they have PE).


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